Meet Mira

~ written by Mama Stone ~

Ever since Mira was young,
we knew she had a talent for writing:

Short story written in first grade.

See?  Brilliant, no?

All joking aside, Mira's talent really shines not when writing short stories, but when writing stories on a grand scale!   Mira has a gift for setting a scene, action packed adventure, and using dialogue to tell a story.  By the fourth or fifth grade, she was wowing the kids in her class with her elaborate long tales.  She hasn't stopped since.

Mira, now in her teens, can be seen carrying around notebooks wherever she goes in case she gets an inspiration, or idea for a story.  She is currently working on her first full fledged novel titled, OF SECOND CHANCES, and is currently on chapter 12 [and it is getting pretty intense!].  

You can learn more about Mira here.