Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brain Juice's a rainy day in my city, which is unusual since we never get storms in the summer here - being a desert and all. Recently I've been reading Bakuman and my mom is trying out a new health thing where she drinks hot water every 15 minutes and eats this bland rice and bean combo.

Bakuman's main protagonists Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi were drinking cofee or something warm in mugs. And that made my mind go: "I want something warm..."

And since my family doesn't like coffee we have tons of hot chocolate packets in the basement. So, naturally my brain went: "Ah~HA! Eureka! Brainspark! ...Get a packet or so of chocolate mix and pour in hot water into a mug and you'll be set!"

I took a sip of nice Hot Chocolate and went: "Thank you brain! Now I feel like an author now!"
So, what's your classic creative brain juice? What do you think an author should have as their staple drink that make them think of an author or a plain old creative person?

Is it Coffee, Tea, Energy Drinks or Hot Chocolate like myself? C'mon share what's your Brain Juice!