Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those Random Words That Don't Really Mean Anything

...but you use them anyway to confuse the heck out of your friends.
okay here's a list of words that I've picked up from misc. animes/mangas.
  • Dattebayo - anyone who has seen subbed Naruto will find that this doesn't mean anything even though the subs are trasnlated as "believe it" and that Naruto uses it ALOT. It really doesn't mean anything, believe me.
  • Oro - this is a misc. word that you can use to describe anything depending on the situation, it could mean "um.." "err..." "ow" and just "!". The possibilities are endless.
  • Ano - this is translated into "um..." or "err."
  • Eto - this is like ano. it's an "um.." or "err.." word.
  • Ara - this is the male verision of Eto from what I've gathered.
  • Alele - this is a childish noise of surprise or excitement to get someone to come look at something. I have only seen this when in Detective Conan; Conan is trying to be extra kiddish and says it and then says "what's this?" and then everyone sees a crucial piece of evidence. Haibara mocks him for it. Since he's really a teen stuck in a kid's body which makes detective work harder for him.
 (not sure what episode this is but it gets the point across (Haibara is on the left and Conan is on the right))

And now I've run out of things to write, so tell me, what's your nonsense word(s)/language? Mine is obviously Japanese.

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