Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music: Vocals(In Other Words, the Pop 'N Rock)

Like most any other teen, I listen to the radio. I listen to some of the popular music, though some of it I really don't like but some I do. But it depends on my moods. (When I'm not in the mood to listen to Scores...which doesn't happen that often...heh.)

I tend to listen to Within Temptation, they do great storytelling within the songs, even if some of them are deeper then you'd expect when you listen to them at first.... you have to look in between the lines and sometimes more to get it.

I also listen to Linkin ParkEvanescence, Breaking Benjamin, and others. It all depends on my mood and what character I'm concentrating on. With Alaina, I tend to listen to many of the more angry and "the world hates me" stories in Within Temptation's repertoire and "I Need A Hero".  While Conan tends to go to Breaking Benjamin with "I Will Not Bow" as one of the songs that simply screams Conan. ^_^

It's fun and easier to get into my Casts' heads with the Vocals I've discovered.

Now, what gets you writing? (Music or otherwise.)

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