Friday, June 22, 2012

Music: Scores and Soundtracks

I love these. They are usually jampacked with emotions that really help me in a pinch when writing. If a part in my story needs action, I turn up a very dramatic and fast paced track, usually from a movie score (like The Last Airbender or Sherlock Holmes.) They can be really fun.

I also listen to the groups that make Trailer music, like Two Steps From Hell or Immediate Music or Future World Music to name a few. Now those are really good musicians. Thomas Burgeson (TSFH) is a genius and they all have really good beats and a few really good emotional ones.
Though it's a pain sometimes when I'm searching for a good sad soundtrack and I have to look through all I've bookmarked on YouTube. But then again, it's just the way it happens some times. :D

I really enjoy listening to the ones that have choruses (not words that I can understand or are so full of cool sound effects that it's hard to make out what they are saying until you listen to it over and over again... It's cool...) usually men who do it make it sound haunting, which is really fun to listen to, thought there are some songs that have a really haunting female voice...those can be reeeaally cool. But the woman's chorus tends to seem a little more sad when they do it, but it can still be really intense like the men's.

What type of Score/soundtrack do you like?

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