Monday, June 18, 2012

Is There a Yuki-Onna in Here?

I know it's summer and that it's hot outside (that's what you get for living in practically a desert!) but does it really have to be this cold inside???

It's particularly cold in the office, where I write! Which makes this all the more troublesome for me, since I tend to stay glued to the computer writing or reading other blogs or playing games or just plain chatting with friends!

So, either there's a Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman) in our house making herself quite comfortable over the office in the attic or we've got the AC on too cold.
Soo...which do you prefer, the more mundane explanation or the supernatural one?
Here's a Writing Prompt for you all since I haven't given you guys one in a while: Say there is an actual Yuki-Onna in your house and it's freezing your buts off. Write how you'd go about solving your problem.

1 comment:

  1. I would be terrified of the Yuki-Onna and run out of the house screaming...into the sunshine, there to stay and play til the sun went down! :D


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