Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fan Art From a Friend's WIP Work (At Her Request)

Well, just recently I've been taking requests from my friends, and I had drawn two Fan Art requests of Gan Lao, one of my friend's characters. Though Gan Lao's name is still a form of debate as it means Cheese in Chinese...

A picture of Gan Lao as I pictured him based off of her short description...
(though she said his skin was too dark, eh you can't please everyone! But there are some tan Asians out there in my defense! (Hatori Heiji-Osakan-to-the-core-Tantei-han, from Detective Conan, I'm looking at you!))

Then she said I could picture him in any way I wanted, and this pony-tailed teen is the result!
(I like the one on the top better surprisingly enough...)

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