Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music: Vocals(In Other Words, the Pop 'N Rock)

Like most any other teen, I listen to the radio. I listen to some of the popular music, though some of it I really don't like but some I do. But it depends on my moods. (When I'm not in the mood to listen to Scores...which doesn't happen that often...heh.)

I tend to listen to Within Temptation, they do great storytelling within the songs, even if some of them are deeper then you'd expect when you listen to them at first.... you have to look in between the lines and sometimes more to get it.

I also listen to Linkin ParkEvanescence, Breaking Benjamin, and others. It all depends on my mood and what character I'm concentrating on. With Alaina, I tend to listen to many of the more angry and "the world hates me" stories in Within Temptation's repertoire and "I Need A Hero".  While Conan tends to go to Breaking Benjamin with "I Will Not Bow" as one of the songs that simply screams Conan. ^_^

It's fun and easier to get into my Casts' heads with the Vocals I've discovered.

Now, what gets you writing? (Music or otherwise.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Music: Scores and Soundtracks

I love these. They are usually jampacked with emotions that really help me in a pinch when writing. If a part in my story needs action, I turn up a very dramatic and fast paced track, usually from a movie score (like The Last Airbender or Sherlock Holmes.) They can be really fun.

I also listen to the groups that make Trailer music, like Two Steps From Hell or Immediate Music or Future World Music to name a few. Now those are really good musicians. Thomas Burgeson (TSFH) is a genius and they all have really good beats and a few really good emotional ones.
Though it's a pain sometimes when I'm searching for a good sad soundtrack and I have to look through all I've bookmarked on YouTube. But then again, it's just the way it happens some times. :D

I really enjoy listening to the ones that have choruses (not words that I can understand or are so full of cool sound effects that it's hard to make out what they are saying until you listen to it over and over again... It's cool...) usually men who do it make it sound haunting, which is really fun to listen to, thought there are some songs that have a really haunting female voice...those can be reeeaally cool. But the woman's chorus tends to seem a little more sad when they do it, but it can still be really intense like the men's.

What type of Score/soundtrack do you like?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of Ramen and Naruto

I have a confession to make. I have a love affair with Ramen. I love it so much that if my mom would let me, I'd probably eat all my meals with Ramen in it. But the problem is that we only have Instant Ramen which is really bad for you since it is chock full of preservatives and other things that I really don't want to think about since then I probably wouldn't want to eat it ever again. And I really want to try homemade, Japanese styled Ramen! I mean, is a Ramen stand somewhere in the city too much to ask? I mean, Noodles and Co. is a noodle shop so they logically should have at least one version of Ramen in there! But nooooo, there's only curry (My mom adores their Coconut Curry.) for the Asian section. There's more to Asian noodles than just some curry! (and sorry if I offend anyone who really loves curry...) Yeah. Now what's a Ramanite like me to do when a Ramen craving hits? Well beg for some Instant Ramen, but it would be so awesome to have some actual restaurant quality Ramen...I think I have half a mind to open my own Ramen stand when I grow up! lol. Someone's gotta do it. But all of this talk of Ramen has gotten me thinking of an anime which has got me hooked onto my Ramen addiction again.


The story of a boy who just doesn't know when to quit and stay down when the world throws something harsh and painful in his way.

 Well, I really don't have anything else to say so, Ja Ne!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Those Random Words That Don't Really Mean Anything

...but you use them anyway to confuse the heck out of your friends.
okay here's a list of words that I've picked up from misc. animes/mangas.
  • Dattebayo - anyone who has seen subbed Naruto will find that this doesn't mean anything even though the subs are trasnlated as "believe it" and that Naruto uses it ALOT. It really doesn't mean anything, believe me.
  • Oro - this is a misc. word that you can use to describe anything depending on the situation, it could mean "um.." "err..." "ow" and just "!". The possibilities are endless.
  • Ano - this is translated into "um..." or "err."
  • Eto - this is like ano. it's an "um.." or "err.." word.
  • Ara - this is the male verision of Eto from what I've gathered.
  • Alele - this is a childish noise of surprise or excitement to get someone to come look at something. I have only seen this when in Detective Conan; Conan is trying to be extra kiddish and says it and then says "what's this?" and then everyone sees a crucial piece of evidence. Haibara mocks him for it. Since he's really a teen stuck in a kid's body which makes detective work harder for him.
 (not sure what episode this is but it gets the point across (Haibara is on the left and Conan is on the right))

And now I've run out of things to write, so tell me, what's your nonsense word(s)/language? Mine is obviously Japanese.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Favor...

Okay, I've looked at my stats and I KNOW there are people out there looking at this. So I'm going to ask a request from you people!

Comment! I need you the people who will be possibly reading this to comment! Fledgeling authors such as myself need comments here! (And if you know me in real life, this post is especially for you!) It get's kinda annoying to not have anyone actually putting their two cents in.

For example, you could put your written writing prompt in the comments or your idea from it.
Or if you have suggestions or tips from the more experienced of you, well SHARE them!
Seriously, it would make my life a little more enjoyable to actually have comments! :D

Feedback is your friend. Especially mine since it nourishes my two Muses, Mira-hime and Indi-kun. So please do and I will be one happy writer.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Is There a Yuki-Onna in Here?

I know it's summer and that it's hot outside (that's what you get for living in practically a desert!) but does it really have to be this cold inside???

It's particularly cold in the office, where I write! Which makes this all the more troublesome for me, since I tend to stay glued to the computer writing or reading other blogs or playing games or just plain chatting with friends!

So, either there's a Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman) in our house making herself quite comfortable over the office in the attic or we've got the AC on too cold.
Soo...which do you prefer, the more mundane explanation or the supernatural one?
Here's a Writing Prompt for you all since I haven't given you guys one in a while: Say there is an actual Yuki-Onna in your house and it's freezing your buts off. Write how you'd go about solving your problem.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fan Art From a Friend's WIP Work (At Her Request)

Well, just recently I've been taking requests from my friends, and I had drawn two Fan Art requests of Gan Lao, one of my friend's characters. Though Gan Lao's name is still a form of debate as it means Cheese in Chinese...

A picture of Gan Lao as I pictured him based off of her short description...
(though she said his skin was too dark, eh you can't please everyone! But there are some tan Asians out there in my defense! (Hatori Heiji-Osakan-to-the-core-Tantei-han, from Detective Conan, I'm looking at you!))

Then she said I could picture him in any way I wanted, and this pony-tailed teen is the result!
(I like the one on the top better surprisingly enough...)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Finishing My Novel in 30 Days! Days 9 - 18

I have been ashamed to admit that my brain has not been working as hard as it should have! I've been reading instead of writing! But, well that's going to change from now on!

Yesterday me and two of my other writer buddies were brainstorming and that got my Creative Juices flowing! My Writing Muse and my Artisitic Muse are fired up to help conduct OSC chapter energy into my brain and my actual writing!


You guys just wait, I'll finish my novel in no time!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Creating a Culture, How Hard Can It Be?

...Apparently very hard for my brain. I think I'm over thinking things here. But, I guess I'll go with the flow, since I have an idea for at least one culture, the culture of the Uzu Kodama, the tree spirits close to the shores of Kyodomor.

So, maybe you all can help add your favorite type of fantasy/mythological creature to the list of possible maybe's on the possible creatures you'd like to read in OSC.

Also if you have any tips for world building, don't be shy to share! We all love free tips after all!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finishing my novel in 30 Days! Days 1-8

Okay, so on the 29th of May, I decided to try and shoot for completing the first draft of OF SECOND CHANCES in thirty days, which would end up being the 28th of June. Well, during the time period from the 29th to the sixth of June, I have completed the second arc: The Syndicate, where in the final chapters, my main character Conan get's his world tipped from sideways to upside down. I am now on the second chapter of the third arc: Requiem, where things just get crazier for Conan and his companions. So, I'll keep you posted on how things go!