Sunday, March 4, 2012

Keiō: Son of Yoko

Hey guys! During a weekend a few weeks back I had this awesome idea, which I promptly named Hunted, but as you can tell it has since then gained a new name:

Keiō: Son of Yoko. Keiō means King Kyo, or so Google Translate says anyways. And supossedly Kyo is short for Kyoto, huh didn't know that until now. :D

Little tidbit, when I usually say Demon/demon in my work, I view them as Japanese Demons, Youkai. Most Demons I've seen from differing Animes and Mangas give them a fairly tame out put, making them seem more humanoid in actions. They will be Japanese Demons unless stated otherwise. When I mention Western Demons, they're demonic. So, Demons usually can be viewed as a different race that is basically what we would call monsters who act like humans do, good and bad. :D

 And here's a brief summary of my idea:

It's the story of a boy named Kyo who is truly the son of a demon/monster king who had been exiled into a human form and lost his memories (as the deal with Shinigami (death god(Japanese equivalent of the Grim Reaper) called for) who is now struggling with keeping the rest of his family safe who are also like him; exiled demon royalty, the Jinkuuri as  powerful humans have caught wind of these Jinkuuri and are hunting them and Kyo struggles to save those he calls family, the rest of the Jinkuuri who scatter to the nine Elemental Countries.

And now, here's the excerpt! Enjoy!


We used to be 12 people strong. But they're dead, they were killed. No - murdered. All  because of a stupid human's fear of the unknown.

The villagers had flown into a rage, shouting things like they should have never let us into the village gates, that we all were demons possessing human shells and to release those "poor souls" trapped in merciless clutches of the demons, we had to be killed.

They murdered Shinta, oh lovable Shinta-chan. She was the only one who understood me since she was only two years older than me and she filled me up with such a warmth, I wondered at the time if that was what to have a mother felt like, but looking back now, I don't know if that was the case.

They tortured Kian-sama. He was the one who lead us, kept us safe. Then he died, having lost too much blood, had lost in such an undignified way when he should have died with honor, with the blood of his enemies around him and with his own blood mingling, should have died protecting us. But they didn’t give him a chance. The only thing he succeeded in doing in death was giving us the time to run.

They did such horrible things to Inuka-sama, things I didn't fully understand at first. And I saw it all. But now, all three of them are dead. I can still see their tortured and horrified faces whenever I try to close my eyes to sleep. They're in my nightmare, crying out for me to help and then Shinigami-sama comes and takes them and they go willingly. They should have never accepted their deaths so easily, that's what makes it so hard, what makes the dreams nightmares.

But I have to wonder, as I lay in my own pool of blood, propped against a tree, a kunai clenched feebly in my loosely held fist, will I accept death as gracefully as they did?

I'm only fourteen, nearly fifteen, a year away from being an adult. I have all my life ahead of me, and I've seen so much in my short life, but ...I guess the question is if the rest of the Pack will forgive me if I accepted Shinigami-sama's hand.

I tilt my head, gazing at the green leaves of the tree, eyes glimmering with unshed tears, my vision already fading to black as I feel the first tear slide down my cheek.

Is death really all that bad?


Claps hands with glee. Oh I LOVE that ending!
Here's the Writing Prompt: Answer the question Kyo-kun asks with at least three-five sentences. Enjoy!

The First Dream

Another Excert for you guys, and with this one, heh I have no clue what sparked it besides the fact of Naruto and the concept of Jinchuuriki (dunno if I spelled that right) and the Yondaime sealing the Kyuubi into Naruto's stomache, ultimately giving up his life for his village. ...and the scene mutated from there. Dunno if it's gonna be a Naru-Fic or an original work. Huh. Hmmm. I'm leaning on an original, cause it's not going to be a Demon sealed, that I'm sure of!


If you had the duty of saving your people what would you do? But would you save your people if you had to sacrifice your own son? Would you sacrifice one person for the sake of many? Would you sacrifice an innocent child? Would you?

"I'm so sorry…"

Someone was holding me close, in their arms. He or she was running, I was being bounced around by the movement even though I could tell that they were trying to run as smoothly as possible.

Someone said something, it was a man's voice; choked with held back sobs. There was a whisper. "Please forgive me."

Who was he? Was he the person who carried me, when I was so small and bouncing in their arms? Why is he sorry.

I hear something; screams and other voices who beg and plead to spare someone… someone who they care about.

A woman. "Not my son! Please, take anything else but leave my baby!"

"I'm so very sorry…"

Why? Why is they so sad! Who are they! Who!? Tell me who they were -  I can't stand it anymore, I need to know! PLEASE!

"It's coming!"


"No! Kaimu, sir! We can't let you do this! Who will take care of us when you are gone?!"

"...You shall find a way, Ji."


"Don't do this, don't you want to see your own SON!?"

"Leave him out of this. It is my decision to do so. If I loose my life serving my people, then by all the Gods, so be it."


"...Yes, Kaimu, sir, I understand.
A whisper, "but that doesn't mean I have to like it…"

We were still running, and then suddenly, we stop. I felt like I was being set down and the man whispered something in my ear.

"Forgive me son for what I shall do…"

And all I feel is


I woke up screaming.


Eh... no writing prompt for this one. I just noticed how I like to end things at a cliff hanger. Huh.