Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rhetorical Question...

I have rhetorical question for you guys out there...

Why are there so many teens who hate their parents/family?!

I have so many friends who hate their parents and/or family. And I don't get it. I mean, your parents CARE for you. (And if you think it's weird that a teen would be on the parent's side...well I just. Don't. Care. :P) And my friends loathe their little siblings, it's as if they'd prefer being an only child!
I mean, yeah, siblings can be annoying, but hey! they're FAMILY! Some people would kill or die (or both) to have a family, since they have none.

Most people take for granted what's right in front of them. Day in, day out.

And I think I'm lucky to have a family, my little Otouto, my Kaa-san, and Otou-san. I'm lucky that Otouto (lil' bro) was born when I was ten, since for ten years I had known the quiet and sometimes lonely life that was being an only child. I'm glad that my parents waited so long so that I was mature enough to not be jealous of my Otouto and that we wouldn't have a ridiculous and horrible rivalry for love, affection or attention. I'm also lucky that we're all so laid back and fun loving.

As I listen to my friends stories of how "horrible their mom/dad/siblings are! and woe is me; I hate my family and I hate my life; it's sooooo HORRIBLE!"
After listening to so many complaints that seem to be regurgitated and repeated like a broken record, I realized that...
I didn't WANT this crap.
I found their friction with their families was stupid and derogatory for their mental, emotional and spiritual (personality and/or religion wise) well being as well as being totally immature. 
I mean, yeah... I can sympathize but...really? Really.
  Enough IS enough!
We already have too much contention in the world in the forms of war, political unrest and upheaval, natural disasters, gang and drug wars and sadly much more. We don't need to add unrest in the home to the list.
It's pointless, harmful and not fun.
I mean, yeah, I sometimes don't agree with my parents and sometimes can get a little too annoyed with my Otouto - but that's human. But do I hate my family? NO! In fact, I would die for them if it came to it (though my parents would probably go first and order both me and my bro to run for the hills and to not look back). I couldn't imagine anything worse than waking up one day and finding that no one is there. That no one would be there to offer me support as I make my way to becoming One of the World's Best Novelists - Let Alone A Published One.
So my challenge to you my dear readers is to try to get along, get to know your family and build better relationships with them. Try to understand them, understand where they're coming from and to communicate better.
Too many families have been torn apart due to misunderstandings and bad communication skills. 
let this happen to you.