Monday, November 14, 2011


Some people say that a story can take over, that the characters are as real as you or me. I happen to agree with that. When you've got something planned in writing, take into account that the characters will start shouting metaphorically in your ear for you to do one thing when you had planned to do the other. And the really cool/weird thing that happens when you follow the path that your character went down, well it turns out waaaay better then anything else you've got planned.

You can also feel the story Shift. That's right, you read it, Shift. It's when the story Shifts from the beginning to the middle, or middle to the end. And when that happens to me, I get really hyper and just plain motivated. It's like the story shares a link with me and is telling me, "Way to go, Stone-san! You've got a real good thing going here, now hurry up and write more so you can feel like you're on Cloud Nine again!" It's like it loves to share it's happiness at the achievement. It's only done that to me once, since I'm halfway done with my Novel.
-_-; Oh well. I'm doing some revising right now for my Novel, the characters were all acting like me. And they were a bit passive....

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