Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Yer Game On!


*does a little happy dance*

I've just redone Alaina's character to fit what happened to her!  :D  She's more independent now.

Now all the characters are just jumping to start working again! (They had pulled strike when Alaina's character didn't jive. Not that I don't blame them.) So it's kinda funny that just one change could make my characters want to work again!

I think Jin'Ae was the one who fixed the door and broke the wall they had built up to say they weren't doing anything until I fixed Alaina... ^_^;

Well, I'm working on it now. So before I get so sidetracked I'll give you a writing prompt:

You're writing your story and your characters pull a strike in your head. Write the characters deciding how to go about the strike and then the confrontation between you and them. 


Why are you still here?

Go write people, you won't get any better if you just read things on the computer all day.

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