Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas In November - Planning for the Season of Giving and Cheer! (As Well As Learning Of Poetry)

The air is crisp and cold, it's coat weather time here! Hello November-san, please make Thanksgiving a welcome event with the weather! ;D (I bet the it'll be enjoyable either way! It's best with family.)

But I'm not going to talk about Thanksgiving though I will probably feature something over the break. But I was thinking of writing about Christmas, the time of warmth and good cheer. 
Yes I know it's not even past Thanksgiving, but me and my Mamma are thinking of all the present possibilities to give to our family members and my friends. I'm already going to give one of them Sensei's book. It's really good, I'm wanting the second one! Thank goodness it's already out! My friend fondly nicknamed "Nee-Chan" (Which means Older Sister, even though she's younger than me, but I'm honoring her status as a fellow older Sister! -_-; she doesn't appreciate it nor understand it even though I've tried to explain...) has been on and off demanding to read it. So it's the perfect gift. Now I gotta think of a good gift for everyone else in my friend group... Decisions, decisions....

Today in English Honors we are learning of how to write Poetry, which I knew from Creative Writing last year. *shrug* oh well. I wrote a Freeverse Poem for the assignment.

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