Monday, November 21, 2011

Access: Denied!

If you've been following my posts, then you would have realized that I've been going to a school that has given us  our own laptops. But in order for us to have these laptops, we had to sign a Acceptable Use Policy contract.

We have to be going onto school appropriate places. But, many of the sites I went onto in the first weeks of school (at home of course, my Mama would have my hide if I did it during class...) like and a totally cool and positive radiostation's website,, was blocked!

Besides my ipod (which is now officially freaking out - the thing is around five to seven years old and turns off at random spots then turns back on hours later!) I feel totally and musically isolated.

I'm the type of author who loves to listen to music as I'm writing. It just helps me think. I even do my homework while listening to music. Even though I can't play it worth a penny in my opinion, too many things to think about and concentrate on... ergh.

It's not fair that those who use their computers responsibly (as those who use the music and game websites before school and during lunch and at home) get punished for when someone got caught using those types of things so all of us can't use that website.

I hate it. I mean, we can't blow stuff up in the science labs anymore since a science teacher in our school district didn't do things pretty flammable pretty red candles over a gas burner... though I think we can use those gas burner things... I don't know,  hasn't really come up yet in Science.

Sooo, yeah thanks for letting me rant for a bit. I can understand why they do the stuff they do but it still annoys me a lot. I'm all writing prompted out so you can create your own one or go to in my Writers Tool Box.

Here are a few tunes I like to write to.   I especially like "Unstoppable", "Ebla", "Krosah" and "Ot:Cold Case". Enjoy!

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