Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get Yer Game On!


*does a little happy dance*

I've just redone Alaina's character to fit what happened to her!  :D  She's more independent now.

Now all the characters are just jumping to start working again! (They had pulled strike when Alaina's character didn't jive. Not that I don't blame them.) So it's kinda funny that just one change could make my characters want to work again!

I think Jin'Ae was the one who fixed the door and broke the wall they had built up to say they weren't doing anything until I fixed Alaina... ^_^;

Well, I'm working on it now. So before I get so sidetracked I'll give you a writing prompt:

You're writing your story and your characters pull a strike in your head. Write the characters deciding how to go about the strike and then the confrontation between you and them. 


Why are you still here?

Go write people, you won't get any better if you just read things on the computer all day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Access: Denied!

If you've been following my posts, then you would have realized that I've been going to a school that has given us  our own laptops. But in order for us to have these laptops, we had to sign a Acceptable Use Policy contract.

We have to be going onto school appropriate places. But, many of the sites I went onto in the first weeks of school (at home of course, my Mama would have my hide if I did it during class...) like Playlist.com and a totally cool and positive radiostation's website, Air1.com, was blocked!

Besides my ipod (which is now officially freaking out - the thing is around five to seven years old and turns off at random spots then turns back on hours later!) I feel totally and musically isolated.

I'm the type of author who loves to listen to music as I'm writing. It just helps me think. I even do my homework while listening to music. Even though I can't play it worth a penny in my opinion, too many things to think about and concentrate on... ergh.

It's not fair that those who use their computers responsibly (as those who use the music and game websites before school and during lunch and at home) get punished for when someone got caught using those types of things so all of us can't use that website.

I hate it. I mean, we can't blow stuff up in the science labs anymore since a science teacher in our school district didn't do things responsibly...no pretty flammable testings....no pretty red flames...no candles over a gas burner... though I think we can use those gas burner things... I don't know,  hasn't really come up yet in Science.

Sooo, yeah thanks for letting me rant for a bit. I can understand why they do the stuff they do but it still annoys me a lot. I'm all writing prompted out so you can create your own one or go to WritingExcuses.com in my Writers Tool Box.

Here are a few tunes I like to write to.   I especially like "Unstoppable", "Ebla", "Krosah" and "Ot:Cold Case". Enjoy!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fanfare! Top Search Results!

Today, I was curious on if I'd be on one of the few first pages. So I first entered "Mira Stone" into the Google search engine. This was the first page results.

Then I entered in "Mira Stone blog". And three guesses on what was the first result, the top one (and the first two don't count!):

So, booya! I actually made it! But ignore the Mira Soap thingy, concentrate on my blog results! :D Sugoi! :DD

...Now I feel really smug...

Writing Prompt: The government is watching your family and you have to figure out why before something goes horribly wrong, before someone ends up dead.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas In November - Planning for the Season of Giving and Cheer! (As Well As Learning Of Poetry)

The air is crisp and cold, it's coat weather time here! Hello November-san, please make Thanksgiving a welcome event with the weather! ;D (I bet the it'll be enjoyable either way! It's best with family.)

But I'm not going to talk about Thanksgiving though I will probably feature something over the break. But I was thinking of writing about Christmas, the time of warmth and good cheer. 
Yes I know it's not even past Thanksgiving, but me and my Mamma are thinking of all the present possibilities to give to our family members and my friends. I'm already going to give one of them Sensei's book. It's really good, I'm wanting the second one! Thank goodness it's already out! My friend fondly nicknamed "Nee-Chan" (Which means Older Sister, even though she's younger than me, but I'm honoring her status as a fellow older Sister! -_-; she doesn't appreciate it nor understand it even though I've tried to explain...) has been on and off demanding to read it. So it's the perfect gift. Now I gotta think of a good gift for everyone else in my friend group... Decisions, decisions....

Today in English Honors we are learning of how to write Poetry, which I knew from Creative Writing last year. *shrug* oh well. I wrote a Freeverse Poem for the assignment.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Some people say that a story can take over, that the characters are as real as you or me. I happen to agree with that. When you've got something planned in writing, take into account that the characters will start shouting metaphorically in your ear for you to do one thing when you had planned to do the other. And the really cool/weird thing that happens when you follow the path that your character went down, well it turns out waaaay better then anything else you've got planned.

You can also feel the story Shift. That's right, you read it, Shift. It's when the story Shifts from the beginning to the middle, or middle to the end. And when that happens to me, I get really hyper and just plain motivated. It's like the story shares a link with me and is telling me, "Way to go, Stone-san! You've got a real good thing going here, now hurry up and write more so you can feel like you're on Cloud Nine again!" It's like it loves to share it's happiness at the achievement. It's only done that to me once, since I'm halfway done with my Novel.
-_-; Oh well. I'm doing some revising right now for my Novel, the characters were all acting like me. And they were a bit passive....