Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I've Been Working On....

Hey Guys! Wow its been a while since I've last updated, huh! :D Well, I've got some new things to talk about:

I've gotten a new idea for a story so I'm putting my Novel on hold for a little bit. Introducing...

 In which a girl named Mira discovers that all is not well in her small little world...

And yes, I have a tendency to make Self Inserts. (hey if i can make it work...eh better for me and even better for you as the reader.) ^_^ Don't you think that the cover looks cool?

 I also have gotten the wonderful inspiration to make a superhero persona, Kaitou Akai or Phantom Theif Red:
Mira Stone and Kaitou Akai

 The glasses - hey if it worked for Superman...
I think I want to be Kaitou Akai for Hallow's Eve!
Thanks for the Idea Mamma!

 I also have gotten back into Mysteries thanks to Detective Conan but Gosho-samma just needs to end that thing soon, I mean, 73 Volumes and around 631 anime episodes? Where's that confrontation with the Black Organization, people?! I need some closure dang it!

Ran and Shinnichi need to get together soon, Ran isn't going to wait forever and then it'll be a tradgedy and Ai will get Conan...(shudders at the thought) As you can see I'm not so much an ConAi  fan...-_-. Go ShinRan! Whoot! And Kaito is so hawt....(drools) I love Kaito Kuroba, but he never shows up in Detective Conan except for those rare times where he's Kaitou Kid...I still love him though, even if he's a robin hood esque thief without the whole give to the poor but give back what you take kinda theif...He's also a great magician! :DD Why do I have crushes on all the good natured male characters in the Animes that I have seen?

Anyways as you can see I'm going on a rant here....gomenasai mina-samma. Well, that's a lot of what I've wanted to say so I'll let you guys off without a writing prompt. :D

Have a good day and Ja Ne!

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