Monday, October 31, 2011

A Ghost's Tale

Time Machine
Written by Mama Stone:  Today we take you back in time to the first grade wherein Mira writes her first ghost story.  Don't be scared!  It's just a story! 

My Sack Av Money

"Once upon a time there was a ghost and a sack of money.

The mom went down to the basement.

The ghost said I'm the ghost of this money.

The ghost throwed the mom out the window.

The baby went to the basement.

The ghost said I'm the ghost of this money.

The ghost throwed the baby out the window

The End."

Your turn!

Writing prompt:  Is there a good ending to this story?  What happens to the money?  What happens next?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Things I've Been Working On....

Hey Guys! Wow its been a while since I've last updated, huh! :D Well, I've got some new things to talk about:

I've gotten a new idea for a story so I'm putting my Novel on hold for a little bit. Introducing...

 In which a girl named Mira discovers that all is not well in her small little world...

And yes, I have a tendency to make Self Inserts. (hey if i can make it better for me and even better for you as the reader.) ^_^ Don't you think that the cover looks cool?

 I also have gotten the wonderful inspiration to make a superhero persona, Kaitou Akai or Phantom Theif Red:
Mira Stone and Kaitou Akai

 The glasses - hey if it worked for Superman...
I think I want to be Kaitou Akai for Hallow's Eve!
Thanks for the Idea Mamma!

 I also have gotten back into Mysteries thanks to Detective Conan but Gosho-samma just needs to end that thing soon, I mean, 73 Volumes and around 631 anime episodes? Where's that confrontation with the Black Organization, people?! I need some closure dang it!

Ran and Shinnichi need to get together soon, Ran isn't going to wait forever and then it'll be a tradgedy and Ai will get Conan...(shudders at the thought) As you can see I'm not so much an ConAi  fan...-_-. Go ShinRan! Whoot! And Kaito is so hawt....(drools) I love Kaito Kuroba, but he never shows up in Detective Conan except for those rare times where he's Kaitou Kid...I still love him though, even if he's a robin hood esque thief without the whole give to the poor but give back what you take kinda theif...He's also a great magician! :DD Why do I have crushes on all the good natured male characters in the Animes that I have seen?

Anyways as you can see I'm going on a rant here....gomenasai mina-samma. Well, that's a lot of what I've wanted to say so I'll let you guys off without a writing prompt. :D

Have a good day and Ja Ne!