Thursday, August 18, 2011

Writers Block, What a Drag!

Yep, just as the title says, I've got Writer's Block! That means that I cant continue on my novel. ^_^;

My Cousins, Keys and May were with me when we visited our new school and we get NETBOOKS! :D YES!

But Keys and I were chatting and suddenly the idea for a story popped up! Yes, one door closed (for my novel) and another opened! The concept is rather interesting and I'd like to write this one full out when I finish the first draft of my novel. But be warned, the prologue is rather confusing! I'm also kinda confused, but I'm working on it in my head! Here you go, introducing...

Author Note:  This is a work of fiction taking place in a fictional fantasy world parallel to our own. The story takes place at a private school where students are being used as experiments and are deciding to defend themselves and free themselves from a corrupted school environment and future life of becoming human weapons.  It's about the triumph of free will and the right to choose your own path in life.  Please do not take this work of fiction seriously.  I actually like school and this is not intended as a diatribe directed towards education or any schools, administrators or students in particular.  Phew!  With that said, let's continue, shall we?

The Prophecy

I never imagined that the world could grow so cold. That it could all go horribly wrong. I guess Jim was right.
Never trust them. He had said, before they took him away. I can still remember his cool look as he was called to the Office.
He told me to never give up. Never stop resisting, to earn the right to my name, to keep the others from falling down. I can still see Joe's look when he heard that his brother had been taken. That look of horrified determination, it was then that I realized he had a stout heart. We all did.
Maybe that's why the universe decided to play pin-the-most-troubles-on-the-kids-who-lady-luck-went-hooky-on. Maybe that's why I'm going through with such an idiotic idea. By the elements this is such a horrible idea. Maybe it's so mad that it'll actually work.
As I walked down the halls, memories flash before my eyes. Lilly – my dear flower- laughing at some dumb joke Jay had said one time in the dorm, of Jim and Joe bent over the computer we had salvaged, making plans, Ichigo – the lazy strawberry – munching on some pretzel sticks dipped in pink strawberry flavored yogurt, reading a comic book about a girl who learned Magic while catching sentient cards that she had let loose on accident by stumbling upon her teacher, a stuffed bear and his Book of Magic.
All these memories and more flew past my eyes as I pushed open the doors to the Office.
The Principal spun around his chair to see who had entered and smirked as he saw me. “Ah, so the Sword is ready to lay down the arms and give up?”
I said nothing, but inwardly I was seething. How dare this man speak to me so calmly when he had wrecked our lives, had torn families apart! Eventually I spoke, my voice laced with ice. “I hate you.”
The Principal smiled. “Hate is such a strong word, Ken.”
Gritting my teeth I closed my eyes, then snapped them open in a blank stare that caused the Principal to freeze. “The Blackbirds will flock from their nest to defeat the ones who stole their Hearts, with the new Raven at the lead, leading the way to Tao, the way of Change and War. The elements that they will become. Sun and Moon, Dawn and Dusk, Day and Night. And all that go under them; Fire, Ice, Wind, Steel, Water, Light, Darkness, Lightning, Earth, Wood, Destiny and Time. Take heed and listen to this cry, woe to them who steel the Blackbird's Hearts, for it will end in destruction for all who defile their purity.”
The Principal laughed waving the warning away like it was an annoying gnat. “Do you really think that a little fib will stop the Operation?” he leveled a glare at me, eyes narrowed, “Don't waste your breath. Take him away, I have heard enough of this.”
When it starts coming true it won't just be a fib, Principal. Just wait.” I said calmly as the secretaries led me away into the unknown.
But I didn't fear the unknown for I had just delivered the two sided blade that could aid to either the Raven or the Crows. For me, I was on the top of the world. I knew that Joe had heard every word and had written it all down. It was a morsel of hope in the starvation of despair and that bit of hope tasted great.

That's the first chapter, and it leaves alot of questions unawnsered! (like it's supposed to!) Now I've got a Writing Prompt for ya all: What is the Operation and what could it mean, write what you think!

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