Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Take me to...

Okay, over the weekend me and my family went to visit Grandma Rock. My Grandma is really fun. But that's not what I wanna talk about!

On the car ride up my little bro was watching Rio, one of the more cuter movies I've seen. Though I really don't like the mean cockatoo (or his song). Some of my favorite songs are:

Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)

Real in Rio

and Fly Love.

But what I really like is all of the Brazilian beats.

My Mama and Poppa met in Brazil. It's really romantic because my Mama was about to be kicked out (she got the date on her pasport thingy wrong ^_^; oopsie!) and Poppa convinced them to let her stay some how. I could say that the rest was history. Though they didn't start dating 'till they got back to the states.

And now, we wanna go back! Yep that's right, we wanna make it come full circle. But notice the WANT. We don't know if we even can right now! But my Poppa just got a new job and it's a huge step towards our goal.

Thanks to you Rio I really don't mind if I leave to Brazil! After all I've heard about Brazil I'm ready to pack up and leave! ....Though I would miss my friends at home here in the States...That's what video chat thingies were made for! and emails too! It'll at least be an adventure if it happens. ^_^


Writing Prompt: You are stranded on a desert island, write how you would get off or even how you'd stay alive while waiting on rescue!

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