Friday, August 5, 2011

An Introduction Of Sorts

Hi there! My name is Mira Stone and this is my blog.

I'm interested in a lot of things, anime, manga, books, and writing to name a few. But you'll find my interest on a certain one thing will wax and wane depending on my mood. But those that I named are more of my consistent interests especially writing.

I'm a teen who could possibly be classified as a “nerd” as I'm not really that much of a jock. I really don't like playing sports and I'm rather forgetful. I swear, I can't remember what I did yesterday! ^_^;.

I'm the oldest kid in my family and my little bro is about nine years younger than me. I remember freaking out when he was born, running to one side of the room to the other yelling, “He's born! He's born! I'm a big sister!” I was an only child for a LONG time obviously.

I'm also kinda random, get really hyper and squeal like the stereotype fan girl that I am. You'll find that I act a lot like the fan girls in manga and anime though I don't really chase after guys like a maniac. I just tend to get really hyper and fidgety when I get a new manga.'s weird. And I will shriek “Kawaii!” when no one's around and it's a really cute scene. And I'll randomly spout out Japanese words that make no sense to the situation, much to the irritation of my friends.

I love drawing anime/manga though I'm best at the face and not the rest of the body. -_-; 

Soo, that's me as I see myself as of now! You never know when your perception of you will change! 

Ja Ne!

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