Sunday, August 7, 2011

Harry Potter: End of the Saga

~ Mama Stone here:  The year Mira was turning 11, she was convinced an owl would bring her her letter of acceptance into Hogwarts.  Months ahead of time we tried to tell her that it might not happen because her parents are Muggles after all.  Still, she kept hoping.   And her birthday came.   And went.  Without her letter.  Now we think the reason her letter didn't come can be found within this song :

Did you catch the reason?   

Mira: Woah! It's turning out my blog is a co-production with Mama!

Well anyways, I used to be really obsessed with Harry Potter. And I will admit, I still kinda am. But not as much as I was when I was eleven. That was crazy. It's kinda sad that Harry Potter has ended officially. They need to make a movie where it focuses on the Next Generation, that'd be nice! But I've seen alot of fanfics of Harry Potter and I really enjoy those so, oh well, I'll just read someone else's version of what will happen until then! =^_^=

The last movie was really great, especially the special effects. They made it feel like you were actually there, my recommendation, GO SEE IT! But in conjuction w/ the first Deathly Hallows movie.

Writing prompt:  You find yourself getting a letter on your birthday, but here is the exception:  You are there from a separate dimension to protect Harry Potter by request from Dumbledore, your tale must take place during Order of the Phoenix.

Have fun!

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